Organic Food in Chennai

Majority of people around the world hope to live long and healthy life. To keep them healthy they go for walking, gym, jogging and so on. Nowadays people are concerned about what kind of food to eat. Finally, they come to a conclusion that eating organic food makes them healthier. This is where the lookout for places to buy Organic food in Chennai started among the people living around Chennai.

Why should you buy food products produced in an organic way?

  • Organic farming is the best way where natural products are used to farm the soil instead of using some chemicals, pesticides etc. When we use chemicals, pesticides for farming the nutrition content in the soil will be less, so the quality of crop yield is very low compared to organic farming.
  • Imagine a food product obtained by using pesticides, fungicides which very harmful to our health. Though these chemicals are used to kill living organism it can harm humans too.
  • Food obtain from organic farming have higher nutrition content, good taste and it maintains the sustainability of the earth. Today most of the counties encourage organic farming and it is more eco-friendly than conventional farming.
  • During organic farming crop rotation method is also very useful to retain nutrition content in the soil.

In India, our government are making awareness regarding organic farming. The Ministry of Indian agriculture and farmers welfare introduced many schemes for improving organic products for last few years. Some of them are selling through online shopping based on people interest in organic foods.

Top Organic food stores in Chennai

Due to increased demand for organic products, we have listed some of the Organic stores in Chennai.

1. Pachaa Traders Organic Traditional Natural Wholesaler

This is one of those findings, where you can get all kind of traditional foods.Organics products like rice, pulses, dhal, millets, cold pressed edible cooking oil, natural Sweeteners, palm products, spices, natural snacks, poha, millets flaker, beaten millets are available here.

Address: GA/25, A Block, Wholesale Foodgrains Market, Koyambedu, Chennai 6000107.
Contact: 9884369616

2. BSP Traders

Want to have diet morning? Then try bsp nutri first meal .you can find a difference in your body within weeks .Other natural products like virgin coconut oil, Ragi fine flour, Nutri honey with nuts and dry fruits, Nutri fresh candy, Nutri honey pure, Groundnut fine bar, Turmeric powder for all curies, Flax seeds chutney powder, flax meal are available here.

Address: No 60, Officer Colony, Mehta Nagar, Aminjikarai, Chennai 600029.
Contact: 04423744645

3. Eco-nut Health Food Shop

Quality in this shop makes people come again.You can get lentils, fruits, vegetables, flours, oils and many more healthy food items are available here.

Address: 1st floor E-32,2nd avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai 6000090.
Contact: 04424460699

4. Pasumai Organic Store

A Wide range of Organic products like honey, rice, millets, cold pressed oil, dry fruits, spices are available here. Pasumai organic store is well known for Natural jaggery powders, herbals at an affordable price.

Address: No 83, Saptagiri Apartment, TT krishnamachari Road, Sriram colony, Alwarpet , Chennai 6000018.
Contact: 8754021480

5. Amla Candy and Jams Organic Food Products

Gooseberries provide remedies for digestive, eyesight problems which are widely used in ayurvedic medicines. This shop is famous for Amla(gooseberry) products. Here, we have listed few products like Salted sweet amla candy, amla masala candy, amla pearl candy, Sanjeev TM amla chatpada and so on.

Address: 2/3, Kambar salai, JJ Nagar west, Mogapair West, Chennai fashion institute and tailoring campus, Chennai 6000037.
Contact: 9884861088

6. G Organic Store

You can get products at low cost.This shop is famous for pure cow ghee. All kinds of organic vegetables, fruits, spices available here. Well-sourced traditional products are available

Address: No 219, Arcot road, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092.
Contact: 04442042888

7. Organic Farmers Market

Great place to buy organic products at affordable price .organic seeds and grains are famous in this shop.A wide variety of rice products like poongar rice, kavuni rice, karunguruvai rice(raw and parboiled) and traditional oils like pungha oil, apricot oil , herbal coconut oil, neem oil, illupa oil, pinnai oil and Ragi laddu, Flax seed laddu, Thinai and yellu laddu are famous here.

Address: 1/2,1st cross street, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020.
Contact: 9790900887

8. Jaycee Greens

The organic herbal product, vegetable, fruits, oils and dairy products are available here and this shop satisfies their customers with home delivery. Prices are reasonable..

Address: 11/2 New Giri road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017.
Contact: 04443359271


Organics bread, organic snacks for kids are available here.

Address: No-51 B, kalakshetra colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090.
Contact: 04442151345

10. Gormei Market

If you are looking for wide range of organic food item then the gormei market will be a perfect place for shopping.Very friendly to their customers. Organic rare species, spices, honey, jams, and millets are available here.

Address: 6(29), 2nd main road, CIT Colony, Mylapore, Chennai 600004.
Contact: 04442172229

Hope you found this blog on Organic food in Chennai useful. Visit these Organic stores and share your experience in the comments box.

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