Buy Bitcoins In India

Yeah, the questions on every Indians mind that where they can buy bitcoins in India. Here we have presented you an detailed information about bitcoins and the ways to buy it.

What actually are bitcoins?

Bitcoins are nothing but a crypto currency or a digital currency that is used to make payments worldwide digitally. It is widely used because it runs without an administrator which means that the transaction which takes place between the users is encrypted and safe so that no data can be retrieved by any third parties. The increasing price of bitcoin is the main reason that one should invest in it.

Just for a glance I would tell you that if a person would have invested at least in one bitcoin before a year which was at a cheap price that time and would go for selling it now then the price he would be getting would be around 720054.91 INR.

So that was brief explanation about what actually a bitcoin is and why to buy it.

Where can you buy bitcoins in India?

Majorly you can buy these bitcoins online because it is safe and secure. But due to recent happenings which happened all over the world (WannaCry Ransom ware Attack). There are certain security measures you need to take care of while buying these coins online. These coins are very expensive due to which many fraudulent activities can also happen online so it is better that you choose to buy these from reputed sites which are dealing in trading these coins online which takes of the security while buying or selling the coins.

Exchanges where you can buy bitcoins in India

After a lot of research we found some of the reputed sites that deal in trading of these currencies which are listed below.


An Indian Based leading bitcoin company, that also acts as a wallet and lets users to buy, sell or make transactions. Seeing the major use of bitcoin this company has launched its very own personal app on android and iOS.

The procedure here for registering is very simple and unocoin also makes it easy for the user to buy or sell the bitcoin with the help of linking their bank account from which the money is debited or credited directly. Also unocoin gives the facility of using these currencies at various places like recharging your mobile or recharging any other wallets like paytm, mobikwik, bookmyshow etc.

For all the transactions done through unocoin there is a minimal fee that is charged to the user which is as low as 1 percent of the total transaction. But one thing which is of concern and might become a problem for user to go not go for this app is that, for these transactions the company asks for a verification ID, which at the end doesn’t makes a private transaction.


Over the time, from its launch, the company is been trending on social media and other sites like Reddit by the user to use this company for purchasing bitcoins as this company has an Indian support system so that the user can easily contact the team in case of any problem.

The company helps the user to buy this digital currency by credit card, debit card and also through net banking option.

In Order to buy these currencies you require a purchase ID which can be obtained through filling your basic details and KYC details asked by the company at the time you register with them. After they verify the details submitted by you they will activate the account and after that you can buy or sell these currencies in/from your wallet or you can also transfer to your offline wallets.


The company based outside India gained popularity soon after the bitcoins currency value raised. People from all over the world used it and recommended others to use this site. People who are thinking that this company is based out of India can be trusted or not!!! Then I would tell you that it has its regulated company in India also.

The procedure is also same here that you will have to register with this company on their official website or from their app (yes they too have one!) and upload your details and the KYC norms asked by the company. It gives you multiple security features to secure your currency which makes the user relaxed.

The company charges very less fees and has a very easy and understandable user interface so that the user doesn’t gets stuck at any point it also gives you the extra advantage of checking the historical data price of the bitcoins (to get you more sadden for not buying it before :p)



This company here is also based outside India which means that the Indian resident who want to register with this company again has to submit all his personal details which directly means that the transactions will not be private. This is the reason for putting this company on the 4th place, but other than that the above mentioned things it charges low fees and also easy to navigate on the site.

It gives you detailed instructions on how these currencies can be used; the other thing is that it shows the trading which takes place between different users from the world, to the extent to what rate they are trading which totally makes it public for other users.


Now this company here is the best, when it comes to making private transactions, which is very easy and you can do the trade without even revealing your identity. The best thing to consider this company is you can do the trade with the cash involved but without generating any receipt so that no one can get hold of you when it comes to proof.

The only limitations for not choosing the company has is that you can only purchase certain amount at a time and also this company charges a little bit high for these currencies from the other companies which are actually listed above and not only that, many people were seen claiming that they also found scammers on this site who duped them for the currencies. If you are very much careful with the transactions which you are making on this site then site is recommended for trading in these currencies.

These were some of the companies which we shared with you for your benefit, But only purchasing the bitcoins is not the issue, as said there are certain measures to take care. Lets see..

How to be safe after purchasing bitcoins?

As soon as you purchase these currencies, try to transfer them into different offline wallets which makes the money secure and divided so that you can be safe on all the wallets. The reason is because you can never trust an online transactions, there are chances of being hacked and in case of bitcoins, you cant even track them due to secure servers, that means once gone is gone forever.

The most secure way is the desktop wallet which is the by far highest level of security one can have, this basically works by having the wallet on a secured area. The user has to do the security checks nicely so that he can get the best security. For more details on offline wallets, you are too intelligent to Google it.

The best thing one can do is that he can have less amount of money in the wallet or he can divide into different accounts as I said earlier to be safe, at the end it is your hard earned money which you should be taking care off!!!

Where to Buy Bitcoins in India? - EXPERT GUIDE, the questions on every Indians mind that where they can buy bitcoins in India. Here we have presented you an detailed information about bitcoins and the ways to buy it. What actually are bitcoins? Bitcoins are nothing but a crypto currency or a digital currency that is used to make...Buyer's Online Guide